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X4 LabsAt one of the most competitive prices available, the X4 Extender is an affordable solution for non-surgical penis enlargement. With a information filled forum and tons of research, X4 Labs helps you every step of the way in order to achieve the confidence that you are seeking. Why settle for less? Take advantage of this risk free offer for up to 6 months and see results for yourself. Your order is fully protected with a 180 day guarantee and lifetime warranty.

This device, unlike many others was designed with your comfort in mind. Other penis enlargement devices can cause soreness because they use the noose system. The X4 Extender comes with an exclusive silicone comfort strap design. This allows you to wear the X4 Extender for longer periods of time. X4 Labs and their X4 Extender have established a device which can effectively provide results for men and have begun to dominate the market share.

While the competition uses noose-based straps that either literally choke your penis, or are too loose to have any effect whatsoever. The custom-made deluxe silicone X4 comfort strap with quick release tabs are particularly designed to naturally hug any sized penis steadily and comfortably. It is guaranteed to be the most comfortable penis enlarger worldwide.

X4 Extender
Exclusive Comfort Strap
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X4 Extender Product Line

X4Labs has 5 Different Penis Extender models to choose starting from as low as 129.95$:

X4 Deluxe Gold Edition X4 Deluxe Edition X4 Girth Deluxe Edition X4 Standard Edition X4 Starter Kit
X4 Deluxe Gold Edition
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X4 Deluxe Edition
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X4 Girth Deluxe Edition
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X4 Standard Edition
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X4 Starter Kit Edition
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